Hose with spray gun for garden

Model: 25-200FT

Sprayer was over a month in the Minsk region, ordered here. Already had the desire to open a dispute with the seller and demand a refund. However, no urgency was not and decided to wait until the end of the term of opening of dispute.

The contents

  • Overview
  • Modes
  • Convenience
  • Immediately ordered two sprayers with hoses of different lengths: 75 and 100 feet at the request of parents for the irrigation area and other needs. The hoses are delivered with integrity and at the first positive test showed its characteristics declared by the seller on the website.


    Hoses really are extended when filling with water and compressed when the pressure drops, and the fabric layer well protects the rubber hose from external damage.

    In the process of operation for the summer season paid off in full. No complaints about the quality of performance does not have. The hoses are not torn, don’t have any holes or cracks in the rubber.

    Minor minus, which appeared during the summer period, it is a small tissue wear by friction with concrete paths in the area and second the fact that the hose is dirty in the ground. I think that with more careful attitude you can avoid these little troubles. In General, by the hoses, everyone is happy and they are waiting for the next summer season.


    We should also pay attention to the dispensers. The fact that this miracle of technology can not say, but their range of application is greatly extended thanks to the whole seven modes of use.

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    There is really a garden sprayer converted into a multifunctional tool not only for the cottager. Such versatility greatly facilitated the washing machine, for which there is no need to pay money on the bus.

    Other functions when switching on the nozzles allow you to clean the Windows at the cottage, without causing harm facade paint. At the maximum you can safely spray to spray the flowers without causing them any harm. Generally can be used anywhere where water is needed.

    Switching modes a lot in any situation you can choose the best watering. As an extra plus no need to constantly hold the trigger of the gun, because this is a retainer. You just have to direct the jet where necessary.


    Ergonomics too at height. In the hand the handle is very comfortable and you do not get tired even after prolonged watering. In terms of transportation is also very convenient and not fussy.

    You can just crumple up and put in the package if in the country there is nowhere to store. Weigh it was not necessary, but when worn the hand does not pull absolutely. Weighs about 1-1. 5 kg, if you completely drain the water. The ratio price-quality is higher than ever imagined. Again, ordered on Aliexpress in China here.