Hoover Scarlett SC-VC80C09

Scarlett-quite a popular brand worldwide, offering very high quality equipment for a relatively low price. I used to be sure that they are focused on Russia and CIS countries, however, after several trips to Europe, my opinion was refuted.

However, in Europe the price of «domestics» from the Scarlett is much higher. This may be due to their high import duties to sustain domestic production in the European Union.

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  • Filter
  • Reviews (my and my family’s)
  • Where to buy
  • Video
  • A vacuum cleaner with cyclone filter Scarlett SC-VC80C09 I purchased in the section of the MALL here (shipping from Russia). The price for the sale amounted to 1890 RUB., the price now is more than 4000 rubles.

    Delivery from Moscow to Novosibirsk took 6 days. They delivered it to the apartment. Packed vacuum was only in production box. All the components were in place, the whole works. Manufacturer, of course, China.

    First impression

    On opening the package, I was disappointed that the vacuum cleaner was miniature, you can say «pocket» (I exaggerate, of course). However, the power of the apparatus is 1200 W, suction power 300 ed. The volume of the dust container is 1.5 L.


    Appearance (picture can click to enlarge)Click to enlargeAfter a long time use

    Comes with several attachments:

    • nozzle for furniture;
    • nozzle floor/carpet;
    • crevice nozzle.

    The machine is not for tall people, since the tube for suction, consisting of two sections short.

    The cleaner is made of high-strength plastic, small, lightweight, but fairly brisk. Ideal for small apartments. Dimensions of the vacuum cleaner: 300х220х335мм. Weight just over 3 kg.

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    The vacuum cleaner has two large rear wheels and one tiny double wheel base, whereby it is not necessary to wear, just pull the pipe yourself, it is quite durable and unlikely to can break.

    Thanks to the convenient movable main nozzle easy to get into inaccessible places. The nozzle itself also has two small wheels for better sliding on the surface.


    The vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter that cleans the air of 99.9%. I want to note that the model Scarlett SC-VC80C09 does not perform wet cleaning. For the latest view of the older model of the same company, be sure to find something suitable, as this firm has a lot of similar devices.

    The vacuum cleaner works a little noisy, but not roaring, howling. When working is not heated. The power cord is automatically unwound when the touch of a button. Cord length — 5 m. it Also has a rear stand hook under the pipe of suction, which latter is held very securely, not falling.

    HEPA filter — that’s a good thing

    Reviews (my and my family’s)

    Overall, for the cost of the vacuum was good. Copes with its task with enthusiasm. The dust container is easily removed and cleaned, no complaints to him. The noise level is quite loud, my previous cleaner, which was larger, but less powerful suction, the noise was two times stronger. The cat is not afraid of the old vacuum cleaner.

    The small size was a big plus for a compact apartment — easier to store. Anyway, easier to wear and traction while cleaning! My advice: even if you will not take this and another brand, be sure to take with a HEPA filter!

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    Where to buy

    The first place worth seeing is on Aliexpress is here on Tmall, but the problem is that it is usually put up for sale stock and on sale. At other times you can not just find and then I suggest to use the through crossposted several Chinese shops.Perhaps, at the time of reading this article, this model of vacuum cleaner will no longer be in production. But Scarlett is a very popular firm of home appliances and if they will take him off the production, then just replace with a newer model look!


    Unfortunately, I can’t capture video of sufficient quality, to put it simply «afraid of cameras», so I found on YouTube a pretty good overview in two parts: