Hookah with Aliexpress

The idea is to purchase hookah came after a friend suggested to try her home. Since I don’t smoke, that at first her request was accepted with hostility.

But after trying, I was pleasantly surprised, as previously thought hookahs, only harm. And, oddly enough, liked it. So I decided that I would get a hookah, so for once a month, as they say — what child would not teshilos.

So, sacasas was made on 13 Feb via mobile app for$ 25 on Aliexpress here. The order arrived in the city of Cherepovets (Vologda oblast) on 11 March. Packed well upon delivery, damage was not.

Foil comes in two pieces. All pierced, wrapped and smoked. Very convenient if you don’t want to sit and pierce with a needle. The tongs are also included.

Hookah small height assembled — 24 inches. A glass bulb. Mine is aluminum, so be careful when sorting out the hookah, as you could burn yourself.

Saucer removable also included. Minus the hose from the rag material. The first three or four times of using almost perfect. But then you start to be odors from previous uses.

In the end, the flavors blend and it becomes not very nice to breathe in porridge-Malasha. So for myself, separately order a silicone hose, which is no problem and washed it is like new.

Also included 3 mouthpiece in case of excessive hygiene or might be lost. On one or two people is quite good for the price. But for a large company will not work, since is enough for 10-15 minutes. One cube of coal is enough to prokurivat charged into the bowl of tobacco at a time.

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So for myself, Yes, but if you buy for parties or to clubs, then choose another option. Took on Aliexpress on this page. There you can buy a separate mouthpiece, shaft, bowl, and of course the tobacco with coal for him. Still I can advise an e-cigarette Joyetech and muck for her ARAMAX.