Reviews of household appliances with Aliexpress. We have only real buyers of kettles, microwaves, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners and many other similar products leave their real reviews.

About small appliances everything is clear, but many people think that large equipment on Aliexpress can not be ordered or delivery in this case will be just at an exorbitant price. A myth.

Today in China even order refrigerators, air conditioners and freezers! You ask: «How?», now explain…

Just in this case, as a rule, manufacturers have their warehouses in major cities of Europe, USA, Asia and other countries.

Making the purchase of a large device on Aliexpress, the buyer is delivered, say, a refrigerator or a split system from the nearest warehouse. It’s doubly convenient.

First, low shipping cost. Secondly, fast delivery, often the next day. And the warranty in place also does not hurt.

Thus, on Aliexpress you can order both small and large household appliances.

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  • Stoves, ovens, electric grills and much, much more…

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