Holder for the guitar and a Capo for the strings

Bought this holder and I can say that I am glad all that is being provided in this order. Took on Aliexpress here.

Shipping did not last long, but the fault of the postal service, which has given me notice, I waited for about a month, although the holder was already in town in a week.

Content delivery was much richer than I expected. Inside were dowels and screws, I said I wouldn’t have to go around the city in search of a suitable screw.

Hanged guitar looks nice, but, unfortunately, this unit is more suitable for fingerboards size acoustic or electric guitar. People who would like to buy this item for the classics may be disappointed – while trying to hang a guitar, the guitar is very tight.


A Capo

A Capo did not come to me for a few months, waited a very long time, even started a dispute, but did not return the money due to the fact that I forgot that I started the dispute. Thought all lost money, but a month later, the Capo gets in my hands, as is sometimes the case due to the delay of the Chinese deliveries.

To the Capo I have no complaints, all the strings are fine clamps. Bought on Aliexpress here on this page.


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