Hiking inflatable pad Naturehike

Inflatable camping Mat from the Chinese manufacturer «Tents» I bought for 2492,67 RUB on Aliexpress here. Delivered to Chelyabinsk for 2 weeks of mail of Russia.

According to the manufacturer, camping inflatable Mat weighs 390 grams, after controlling for the weighting was that really him so much and weighs.

Quality and convenience

When folded occupies a volume a little more than half-liter plastic bottle. Packaged in a handy pouch with laces, if the Mat is enough to blow away, the bag remains place. When you first unpack did not feel any unpleasant chemical smells.

To drive the operation took only 5-6 breaths. The thickness of the Mat when inflated just 3 centimeters, it will not provide you with the comfort to sit on it without touching the ground, he’s just selling. But if you must lie in it, you will feel almost like home.

Inflatable camping Mat is divided into interconnected diamond-shaped compartments measuring approximately 6 by 6 cm, This structure does not allow air to freely circulate and transfer heat from your body to the ground, on a summer night you won’t freeze for sure.

Rounded edges and tapered to the feet of the Mat, and its thickness allow to stack it right inside your sleeping bag. At this location, as if you are tossing and turning in your sleep, you will never be on earth.

Size 193/60 cm, and others. Material 20D nylon, TPU, PAT. Included is a small tube of glue and 3 patches for 5.5/5.5 cm


The Naturehike pad suitable for those who want to save weight and space in your backpack, the price you see on Ali, and you can compare with counterparts from Europe and America.

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The only thing alarming is the valve which is a rubber plate which is pressed against the hole from the inside, but in case of failure of the plate, the hole has a fairly reliable tube that will not release air to the outside.

Naturehike spent 3 nights at -1+5, put thin foam is not cold, summer without the foam. Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page. I can also recommend for Hiking and travel double sleeping bag and a tent for the whole family all the same brand Naturehike — related they can see these links.