Highchair BAONEO

This high chair brand BAONEO I ordered on ALIEXSPRESS for 74,63$ here on this page.

In our shops such models are 120$-150$, so this purchase I think is very beneficial because it is two times cheaper on Ali, write immediately that the quality is absolutely no different. Shipping to my city took 2 weeks, was delivered to a transport company of Energy, there are other PEK, Zheldor and KEITH.

If you order them, the shipping is free but if this is not possible we can deliver by EMS and then the shipping fee in each city their prices. I contacted the seller and we discussed all my questions, and after 7 days my product was shipped, the seller is immediately warned that a lot of orders and sends everything in order.

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Convenience
  3. Conclusion
  4. Video


The chair came in a box that was slightly dented, but the product is not as not affected.

The chair is not heavy as I wanted, complete detachable wheels, two-level table are also removed, and it is possible to install on the rear legs that would not interfere.

The frame structure is sufficiently reliable, the upholstery material is easy to clean, no crack, durable, child can sit without a diaper, the seat upholstery does not absorb moisture.


There are 5 levels of recline if the child is not sitting it is very comfortable, can be used as a lounger, and has 8 levels of height. Also has a removable divider for the legs which gives maximum comfort in any position.

Folds and unfolds with the help of buttons, which are located on the sides of the chair. Very mobile and handy, the wheels ride any surface and rotates 360 degrees. The high chair is used from 0 months to 36 months.

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Order I am very satisfied, I advise those who have small children and do not want to spend a lot of money on the purchase of multiple products, as they believe that the chair can rightly be called a 2 in 1 a sun lounger and its main function is feeding.

Again, buy chair BaoNeo on Aliexpress here. Still I can recommend a very comfortable and reliable stroller Yoya Care Plus and the Xiaomi infrared thermometer, which allows you to instantly check the temperature of your baby without even touching it.