High-quality powerful laser pointer with flashlight

I am a happy owner of a very active cat. If every day to play with her for an hour or two, the poor girl starts to feel sad and even to take revenge (often goes furniture).

Since every toy she’s bored within the week, I am constantly in search of something new. Then it hit me — why not buy a laser pointer? I remember they were very popular during my childhood! But live I haven’t seen them for a long time, so as always I went to search for a product on your favourite Aliexpress.

As I suspected, laser pointers there’s a huge number for any taste, but I stopped here on this model.

The seller offers two different styles of pointers — one a little more compact, but with advanced functionality, another simpler and more. I chose the first, the cost amounted to 4.8 dollars (about 312 rubles).

The package arrived around 3 weeks, item was well Packed in bubble wrap. Included with the orders came a USB cord for recharging. And I think a huge plus that the toy works on the built-in battery and not the batteries because I always forget to buy them. Yes, and this is uneconomical.

By the way, another option is the laser pointer from this store, one that is slightly cheaper, only works on batteries, pay attention to it if you order.

Laser pointer with torch length 9.5 cm, width 1.5. Beautiful high-quality silver color case of stainless steel is equipped with a holder like the pens and lace. And finally, most importantly — this pointer 3 modes glow that makes it not only a cat toy, but a real flashlight.

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Modes of operation

  1. The first mode is, in fact, is the familiar red laser. He, by the way, is quite powerful, and I can easily get them to the house opposite, and it is 20 meters. But in the light the red dot fades so that even a cat can be difficult to find, so it’s best to use it in the dark or just overcast weather, the bright summer sun’s rays only in the way.
  2. The second mode flashlight with white light. And as designed to cope very well — completely dark room lights perfectly. In the photo, he was a bit blue, but that’s because of the colour, in life it is bright white.
  3. The third mode — diffused blue light, its purpose, I don’t really understand but looks beautiful in the dark brightly illuminates all the objects of white color, like a disco.

Modes can be changed using the switch, and the button is held automatically no need to press on it all the time to a light was burning.


In General, I am very pleased with this new purchase for a small sum. And, most importantly, my cat is happy too. Again let me remind you that bought this laser pointer to play with cats here on Aliexpress.

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