Hi-Fi player NINTAUS X10

Hello, I’d like to tell you about the NINTAUS player X10. This player I bought 3 months ago on Aliexpress 50 — $ 55 here. He now works flawlessly and I use it almost every day.

Included was the player, user manual, micro USB cord and a simple in-ear headphones (a big plus), came with already pasted film.

The contents

  1. Appearance
  2. Features
  3. Battery
  4. Sound
  5. Conclusion and Opinion


Looks good. Not to fall down, if you put a case. I thought it was wide, so it is not very convenient to carry in pockets. After a week of use something started shaking inside, but this does not affect the work. The wheel does not look very reliable, but the rest of the buttons nice.


Player 16 gigobayty of internal memory, which for the first time enough. But in the future will need to buy a micro sd card. Songs are loaded via regular cable micro usb, it works like a flash drive. The player cannot connect to headphones via bluetooth, but it is not such an important drawback.


The battery in NINTAUS X10 is good, I have enough charge for two or three weeks, if not a lot of use at intensive use, charge the player and lasts for a week. The firmware that is from the factory very curve, but one can adapt. The player supports format: flac.


The player plays well. Playing medium bass, medium and treble on this player sound very good. The sound is not offensive to the ear, sufficiently clear, detailed, and front and rear scene, I was listening to music from your phone, and compared to him it is heaven and earth.

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The volume reserve from NINTAUS X10 is huge, I listen to 15% volume is already loud. The firmware has a built in equalizer, but the sliders to adjust not only to select a particular listening mode. I almost always use mode Rock. The rock on this player sounds better than on the phone, but still not the same. Electronics is going well. Player use with headphones Bleudio Vinyl Plus and the audio column Zealot S5, the sound pleases me.

Conclusion and Opinion

If you want a relatively inexpensive player, then you can safely take this, he has a very good sound, good battery. Only one minus — curve firmware, otherwise the player is good.

I hope you enjoy my review, again, bought on Aliexpress here.