Hevxm — women’s shoes

Last fall, I decided that another pair of winter boots I could use, especially that on the WebMoney purse you have a sufficient amount of money needed to spend. Decided to order for Ali. A suitable product was chosen long enough — almost a week, reading reviews, wondering. And now, finally, it happened. At the time of purchase boots worth of 15.12 $.

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Where to buy

Ordered them from an authorized representative of the manufacturer Hevxm on Aliexpress here.

You only have two colors: black and light brown. I ordered black as more versatile. In my 36 size based on reviews I ordered size 38 Chinese. To be honest, when orders on Ali, I pay little attention to the rating of the seller, and more to rely on customer reviews.

The parcel had to wait just over a month. Packaging for such packages was standard: each Shoe in a separate bag, then both shoes together in one package luperci, then on top of the standard white-grey polyethylene.


The shoes looked exactly same as the picture. Size came it fit like a glove. But I do not like three things: the smell, the fact that they somehow were not comfortable to walk as if the foot slip and traces of glue at the junction of the sole and the upper material.

Pomeroy, figuring either way I decided to sell the shoes, giving ad in one of the specialized portals. Over half of the sales happened a few potential buyers, but they did not like boots one thing — they are not too tightly to the ankles. Me, on the contrary, this point was not discouraged, because in my opinion it’s really classy, when the foot in the Shoe is slightly loose, like the pencil in the glass.

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In short, the shoes sell I failed and six months later, looking at them with new eyes I decided to wear them myself. It turned out that despite the height of heel approximately 8 cm and height of platform 2 cm, to walk in them very comfortably, and those unpleasant moments that confused me previously, I decided a normal insole purchased for a ridiculous price at the store of Chinese goods and the banal spray for suede and nubuck.


Per month almost daily boot socks Hevxm can safely say that they are very even nothing. The appearance of them is quite nice, the lace has not frayed (I really sprained it a bit), unpleasant smell, weathered, aksessuary all over the place and despite the artificial material, the feet they don’t.

I wear boots with jeans skinny and with dresses and skirts. Of course, such shoes is suitable only for dry weather, the rain can’t walk, but I have no problem with — on rain shoes I another pair. So, dear ladies, don’t hesitate to order these shoes, do not be afraid, they don’t fall apart.

Again, bought at the official store of the manufacturer on Aliexpress here.