Hello Kitty children’s sneakers from Aliexpress

Over time, you begin to realize that to buy even such seemingly difficult to purchase things like clothes and shoes can and should remotely. I used to be afraid to take things on the Internet, believing it is necessary to try on before buying, but over time my fears evaporated.

I especially did not understand about the online purchase of children’s things, even in offline store is sometimes the same size may be suitable, and may not be suitable.

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  1. How to buy shoes without trying
  2. Buying experience
  3. An overview of sneakers

How to buy shoes without trying

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It is actually very simple. Each seller adds to the description of the product detailed method and a measurement method which can accurately find out: suitable sneaker, Shoe or boot on the baby’s foot.

The convenience of shopping on Aliexpress in the fact that if the footwear is small or large, and the calculations were done correctly, it can be perfectly legal and according to the rules Ali to return the funds even without sending goods back! Not only is this abuse, as arbitrator in the dispute may ask to take a picture of the foot with the attached line in the right place.

The advantage of such acquisitions is the fact that you can choose from tens of thousands of models for every taste and budget. The child will definitely stand out among their peers.

Buying experience

Sneakers ordered here from this seller on Aliexpress for my daughter in mid-February and took them exactly four weeks. It was packaged very carefully and when removed from the film sneakers were not deformed, very pleased.

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Rhinestones that lined the icon of hello kitty, very solid. When worn still none came off. Track order to track. The color in the photo true.

Under the insole of the sneaker are small wires, through which they Shine, but this does not affect walking. The flashing mechanism works without a hitch and of course the happy child on the first day they even did not. The insole is very thin, changed themselves into orthopedic. Of course, the foot’s sweating a bit in heavy traffic, which is a bit upsetting.

Hello Kitty

An overview of sneakers

The sole is soft and very comfortable in the opinion of the parent. The leg does not fly and does not create the effect of friction of the heels when walking. Quite wide and perfect for child with high instep. Bows, on the tongues of sneakers had a little bit of glue, because the daughter was immediately blown off.

Clasp presented in the form of Velcro, not the flimsy worth noting. Elastic bands instead of laces is of course very convenient, but they quickly fly, had to tie them inside together. The smell occurred, but not critical, and rapidly weathered on the balcony. These shoes are true to size, ordered a size larger to wear in the spring. Running shoes not the brand that matters, having a mega active baby.

The outside is easy to clean with a cloth. Price of these sneakers 540 rubles, you can find cheaper, but not entirely reliable sellers. Sorry that I haven’t used then cashback, could save at least seven percent. The sneakers were available in three colors: pink, gold, and silver, as we have. Also, the seller sent the gift-stickers, which is a huge plus for seller. Very happy with purchase. Suggest to buy to please their children.

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