Heelys shoes with rollers

Relatively similar sneakers Heelys with rollers that are sold in the Internet shops of Russia, the price on Aliexpress pleasantly surprised — just 17,44$. Delivered the goods in 45 days in Belgorod oblast of Russian post, instead of the promised 28 days.

The parcel was stolen, but without much detail. With the seller to communicate was not necessary. Came packaged in bubble pack, carton was not. Here is the product card Ali.

The contents

  1. Size and weight
  2. Easy to use
  3. Video

Size and weight

American Shoe size 5 insole 23 cm — corresponds to the declared. On the product page described in detail how to determine the size. No peculiar smell, the aroma of ordinary shoes.

Quite heavy, every heelys 500g. Wheels can be removed and hidden.

Easy to use

Buttons work. Videos popping up due to the activation of springs as in the pens with buttons.

The downside is to hide or to get the wheels-the rollers need to exert considerable force. Child is hard to do. Another minus is that the wheels in the inactive mode, you can close the lid, as is the case on other models.

On the toes there are ventilation holes. The laces are nice, comfortable length, not slip and do not bloom. Upper material faux leather, not leather that does not match the description.

For such a low cost, such. The insole does not slip, but does not have orthotics. Fit on a narrow foot, but I think for a more full, too, will pass. Tried to wear. Everything is working properly.

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Again, took on Aliexpress here. More, from fun kids, I can advise the glowing gloves and shoes M. Michie.