Headset Sound Intone i65 — not big and not small, «srednyachok»!

Headphones chosen for the gift to the young man. Needed high quality, reliable and with good sound. Starting from recommendations and reviews on Ali, the choice fell on this model.


The product cost me of 14.54$, delivered by regular mail for 24 days. Track to track. As mentioned, I ordered on Aliexpress from official representative: Official store Intone.

Got headphones successfully during transportation nothing was damaged. It was Packed securely in paperco, branded boxes and mail the package. The first thing I inspected for damage and scratches, nothing to be suspicious have not found, and began to sound check. To understand how the headphones was not difficult.

Standard plug suitable for mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers and other devices. I connected to the phone (included in the connector they are easy), put on some music and heard a loud clean sound. The wide range sound, good bass (over time the sound quality remains the same).

Management and sound

To adjust the volume, but the sensor is not very sensitive and seemed to me difficult to control the sound (maybe I’m picky). On the same sensor and switch tracks.

The earphones themselves are black with gold accents. Made of glossy plastic, brushed gold insert, and the «ears» and the soft leather (I think that is eco — leather). Switch sound plastic, the cord tissue is dense, and most importantly long. Very compact to fold up. Sit on the head comfortably, you can adjust the size of the arc for you personally. More importantly, do not fall, that is, they are comfortable to run, play sports, bend over. If you lead an active lifestyle, you these headphones are perfect.

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The young people present were happy to use it often. When using these earbuds is listening to loud music or playing games, I hear everything very clearly. I don’t know the advantage or disadvantage.

To summarize.

  • Pros: sound quality, compact size, decent design;
  • Disadvantages: good audibility of other people.

Overall no complaints about the quality of the product. Decided to keep these hipsters and young person to enjoy the game G2000. For its quite affordable price headphones turned out to be very decent. It should be noted that the young man uses them for five months and no problems arose. I can easily recommend. Again, bought here in office. representative on Aliexpress.