Heads for electric toothbrush Oral-B

In the instructions to the toothbrush Oral-B the manufacturer recommends to replace electric brush heads every three months.

If you buy them in a well-known electronics store where I bought the brushes themselves, a set of four nozzles is 1790 rubles, that is, the price for one piece 447 rubles (for comparison, the price of the brush — 1000 rubles). Agree that the price tag on the nozzle is not humane.

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  1. Where to buy
  2. Types
  3. Quality

Where to buy

Of course go for the analogue on Aliexpress. Found the seller, who at that time spent a good share and was selling a set of 16 nozzles for 644 of the ruble here on this page.

That is, the price for one piece turns out only 40 rubles! This proposal is already much more interesting than what is offered to us in regular stores, the difference is 10 times apiece more than significant. And if the nozzle needs to be changed every 3 months, set of 16 pieces enough of us with husband for 2 years.

Did order from this seller. In profile have naked 100% positive feedback and over 100 items. Mainly nozzles on an electric brush, a charger for them and tips on electric shavers.


I want to note that the tips of the brushes come in different types. There is a rubber core, is, with the bristles at the center, for careful cleaning.

They are all visually different from each other and have different model names. The model that I ordered on AliExpress, called EV 18 A. It is a copy model attachments Oral-B, entitled «3D-White«.

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Now a little bit about the ordering and timing. All the way from China, the order was tracked and came to St. Petersburg in record time, in just 11 days. This speed of delivery I have not met no one order from AliExpress.

Packed of the head in the standard package of yellow paper, inside is protected from damage with bubble wrap.


Inside the package were four boxes, each with four brushes. The packages were only inscriptions in German and English, no logos, and accessories to any brand on them. In original packaging Oral-B are not similar.

Themselves nozzle I meticulously examined and compared with the original and found absolutely no differences. Same quality hair, same shape, same rubber insert on the center of the head. The only difference is the company logo on the original head.

Nozzle ideally suited for brush work as my own. The speed of rotation, quality of cleaning, all remained at the same level.

If you need such brushes, in my opinion, and by the time order from this seller they will not be available, you can order here. The quality is the same, sell for 4 Grand for 123 rubles, but the shipping is a little longer.