Headphones XIBERIA K3

Acquired XIBERIA K3 USB. Games headphones, virtual 7.1 surround sound, stereo bass headset with microphone, vibration, led for computer games.

The price of headphones at the time was R. 1692,77 just want to note that the headphones are suitable not only for games but also for listening to music! Moreover, the impression that all around you, a real sound system. Completely cover the ears. Long play music or games do not cause discomfort.

The music in the headphones Xiberia K3 sounds very comprehensive, loudly, without superfluous sounds and, best of all, you can feel the vibration from the subwoofer!

When connected to a device lights up red led backlight, which is not distracting and does not interfere with others. Also have a long headphone wire, which does not restrict the movement if you are at the computer or laptop. If you’re interested, here is a link to those headphones on Aliexpress.

There is a small disadvantage that without special adaptor, you cannot listen to music through your phone or player (which is very important for young people and not only, who prefer to listen to loud music on the street or just outside the house) , but the adapter you can buy and the problem will be solved.

Pay attention to the fact that my headphones are operated by a small child, sometimes not intended, but the product is so high quality that even after repeated drops on the floor, looks perfect new.

There are no chips, microphone and control panel in place, which can not but rejoice. Xiberia K3 price matches the quality. I want to order the same gift, because the headphones are checked on personal experience, I think it will be a wonderful gift for low cost.

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Ordered on 24 February, the goods come March 18. Came to Moscow fairly quickly, in just 22 days. Again, bought on Aliexpress here.

I recommend to see more on the model Kotion G2000, very similar to each other both in appearance and in price.