Headphones SONY MDR-XB510AS Extra Bass for sports

Headphones nowadays have become an integral part of the set of things that accompany us wherever we go.

Listening to music, audio books, movies, transport, or just viewing videos on YouTube — these are the most common tasks for everyday audio headsets. But there are more complex tasks for which is not suitable for all models such as sport activities.

The contents

  1. For sports
  2. Where to buy Sony Ali
  3. Quality and convenience
  4. Conclusion

For sports

Most models are not suitable for this, mainly because kept in the ears is weak, they are not designed for heavy physical activity of their carrier, this relates primarily to vacuum sacks.

They are under normal activity, many people often drop out, and while Jogging, or even more dramatic movements will occur, that will distract from the classroom, knocking with the right attitude. In addition need a sufficient strength, because the thin wires are easy to break.

With this problem I faced when choosing a suitable model, I needed headphones that would be suitable for Jogging, and strength training. But the problem was that, in addition to wearing comfort it is necessary to remember about the main criteria of quality headphones — the quality of the sound itself.

Here I am fastidious enough to listen to bad sound, and given the fact that you had to choose exactly sports models, which is much less than usual, this is a certain complexity. But I was lucky.

Before this I used Sony Extra Bass, they are good enough for sound, so I was very happy when I saw the sports version of the same line from Sony — MDR-XB510AS.

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Where to buy Sony Ali


Searched Aliexpress, at first, was just looking for sport headphones Sony, but was pleasantly surprised when I found out that there is a sports version of «Extra Bass» On Aliexpress are a few options: black, green, blue, and red, I liked the blue option.

The cost for in-ear headphones it might seem a tall — $ 55, but the quality completely justifies the price. Here is a direct link to the official Ali.

By the way, I already tried to buy sports earphones, came across externally, a good option from Panasonic, they cost significantly less, but the sound is there, just horrific, very flat, no bass, like some unnamed Chinese ear.

Quality and convenience


The SONY MDR-XB510AS Extra Bass same sound quality I was completely satisfied, the same tight bass and apparent highs, which were allocated a normal Sony Extra Bass, besides the playback quality, this model is well suited for sports.

The challenge they deal with special rubber brackets, which are fixed in the ears, not allowing the ear to fall out. The construction is quite reliable, they are very tight and are not bulky as some of the options for sports headphones.

These clamps, by the way, are useful not only in sports but also in everyday use, because the ear without the clips, I personally often fall out of your ears even during normal walking or when I turn my head, so these headphones are for me, not only for sports but also casual. Clamps-clamps are governed by the turns up and down, if desired, they can be easily removed.

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Included are clips of different sizes, the default is set to average, and additionally there are still large and small. The same goes for the rubber liners, they are also different sizes.

By the way, insert the retaining clips into the ears need prilovchitsya, at first it was slightly unusual but you get used to it quickly enough.

In the instructions that the headphones are washable, can be washed under the faucet without fear of damage. Most importantly, of course, try to avoid getting water inside where the diaphragm.

Shipping time was as usual with products from Aliexpress — a little more than two weeks by regular mail. The headphones are nicely Packed in a transparent box. Inside the manual, spare ear buds of different sizes, as well as additional retainers of different sizes.

There is a special rubber clip to fix the cord, it is necessary to shorten the cord, if it seems too long, you just need to reel up a cord, fixed from two sides by special rings.

The kit provides a convenient mesh pouch.


To sum up I can say, the choice I was completely satisfied, the sound quality combined with comfort operation when playing sports, or just when moving.

Again, bought these headphones SONY MDR-XB510AS Extra Bass on Aliexpress here on this page.

PS the Design is apparently also nice. I will add that the Sony headphones are quite durable, with all the brands used in my life, the first Sony Extra Bass were the most tenacious, these rubberized cord seems to be as reliable, I hope that they will live less.

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