Headphones qkz DM7 — concise, convenient and inexpensive

Not so long ago bought on Aliexpress earphones droplets with MIC firms QKZ model DM7. This brand is rather poorly known, but in many countries they are already sold in retail stores along with Samsung, Panasonic and other brands. Leave your opinion, pictures and video after some time of use.

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Bluetooth stereo headset Auriculares Fone DM7 qkz with headset look very simple and easy to use, but the speakers stick out from the ears. The microphone on the headset is good, the other person can hear me fine, but the function of suppressing extraneous noise is not, therefore, in the subway, near the road, in heavy rain and wind the opponent hears bad.

The ability to adjust the sound volume on the headset is missing. The sound of the speakers is pretty clean: at low frequencies (the bass) the sound is good, at a high frequency range cut off (for lovers of classical music with good hearing will not go). The seller provides a buying opportunity with a headset or without it, the price is not affected.

There is a feature in my ears: ear-plugs often fall out. I had a million of them, changing silicone pads of different sizes – it is useless. These headphone speakers metal housing and very heavy, probably why they stay and not fall out. But who has no such problems, I would recommend to think before you buy. Because after a few months of use for me an unpleasant surprise was obvious discomfort when using headphones in the winter. You know: the metal body and the cold outside.

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In General everything is predictable, but I was not thinking when I bought that metal will be very cool for the cold. Hate to push in the ears of ice plugs, so they will lie to the warming. Or you can first to reheat in hand, putting in the mitten. We bought at a discount 6$, shipping took almost 3 weeks. Closest to them, competitors can be called Xiaomi 1more kim chul, but they have a slightly different form factor and they don’t look as stylish.

Where to buy


I ordered the official representative of the company on Aliexpress here: QKZ Official Shop

The package came all wrapped pupyrchatoy film. The kit included a plastic box with a set of silicone sleeves in different sizes.

Wire length is 130 cm with a braided cord in a silicone shell, which makes it very durable, flexible and at the same time, almost confused, as normal headphones.

The cable splits into 2 equal-length wires, one of which is a button on the headset. Plug with a bend of about 130? protect the power cord from the creases. Typically the wire is the weakest point of all the headphones that I had, but these after a few months the signs of wear and has not appeared. For my money I got more than expected. Product recommend about metal winter wrote above, about the high frequencies too. You can buy here.