Headphones Kotion G2000 and G9000

After buying the consoles the PS4, the question arose about buying a headphone with a microphone. Original gaming headset bite. This cost great for the pocketbook. I decided to try to buy the analog and not the right choice.

Ordered on Aliexpress in September 2017 universal headset Kotion Each G9000 Chinese company specializing in the manufacture of gaming headsets. Chose between them and Cat Ears, but these are much more serious in contrast to those «children». Suitable for laptop, computer, tablet, phone, joystick supported XboxOne and Sony’s PlayStation 4.

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What is the difference between G2000 and G9000

Going on Aliexpress, you can notice that the models G2000 and Kotion G9000 like each other as two drops of water. But what is the difference and why one is a little more expensive than others?

In fact, the differences between them and the two of them are key. Each buyer can choose the option for yourself.

At G2000 long wire and on one end of the connector: USB backlight (but it is not so important in this case), and two sound: loudspeaker and microphone. Thus, this model is more suitable for desktop computers and laptops with two separate connectors for the sound. If you want to use it with your phone or tablet, then this will not have any problems when listening to sound, but microphone will need to buy perechodnik, worth about$ 1. Either use the headset microphone, and built-in phone/tablet.

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In the case G9000 wire much shorter and easier for desktop laptop, tablet and phone. With the computer, of course, can also be used, but in this case it is likely you will need to buy another adapter for$ 1, because here, unlike in 2000, just two connectors: USB and a combined speaker and microphone.

In General, Kotion G 2000 easier to use with a computer, a game console or a gaming laptop. G 9000 with the ultrabook, phone and tablet. Choose for themselves, but, in any case, they are interchangeable and compatible with all devices.

Where to buy

Purchased the goods for 1190 rubles on Aliexpress here. Ordering was done through the Mail of Russia, came to Krasnodar fast for ten days in sturdy packaging with an air gap.

The product itself is made of plastic of high quality, the sound perfect, fully isolated from external sounds, no pressure on the ears thanks to the soft ear cushions speakers.

In the sound there are high, low-frequency, a bass, a large volume reserve. Inside for convenience, denote the left and right. Made in black-and-blue color on the website was black with orange and white with red. Recently, a new model of aggressive red color, very interesting look, you can see for yourself here:


Thanks to the foam insert from the leather in the inner rim convenient to use for a long time, not too tight, the head does not get tired. Son can spend hours playing. Quite large in size, but very light. Where are height adjustable made of metal, which indicates the reliability of the vulnerable. Headphones can bend, pull, they will not break.

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Children were pleased with the blue illumination in the dark look just a space. Orange version orange backlight, red-white and red — red, respectively.


Microphone is mobile, with a clear move up and down, there is a volume control, the sides can hear well. Below in the video you can hear in the microphone.

Minus that it is impossible to bring it to his face, not quite convenient. Rather, the very darling of the microphone, leans in height, it can be removed or approximated, but it is the hard and put directly to the mouth impossible. Although, it’s hardly a problem, as I hear all the same good.

Was not complete connector for use with older model laptop, where the separate connectors for headphones and microphone, I had to buy more, although some of the sellers he attended. So pay attention to it, this is what was meant in the difference of the two models. However, such an adapter can be purchased at any computer store or phone store for mere pennies.

This acquisition really the best, for the money, got a decent product. We take the whole family, and that seven year old daughter, thirteen-year-old son, husband and I well. I can definitely call them versatile in every sense of the word. Better, probably, only , Bluedio Vinyl, but the price is much less.