Headphones JBL T100 and T100NP with Tmall

Headphones are of excellent quality! Listen well and in public transport and walking, highly recommend!

Took headphones of the type «earplugs» or «vacuum» on Tmall Aliexpress model JBL T100. What can I say, JBL has always been known for its quality and sound, and Tmall is not always delayed with the delivery, considering that directly from a warehouse in Moscow. Bought here.

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Now tell them about their options, and then give your opinion on compliance.

Offered these inner-ears with three flowers:

The characteristics of T100 or T100NP — even fire! Frequency response — 20Hz-22kHz, which is above the range that can hear. 100 DB sensitivity and 16 Ohms standard resistance here is about standard.

A 3.5 mm Jack and no way to control volume and tracks on the wire. For me, this is not important, but if you want it at about the same cost, you can pay attention to the model of Xiaomi 1more.

My review

Neat and beautiful, delivered by courier in just 3 days is the fastest delivery of all my orders, good value for the price and quality, ordered at a discount of about 500 R , the sound is good and clear even under heavy loads, very bassy and loud, with a Russian manual, neatly Packed, no damages and dents in the box, in addition to the local warranty from the manufacturer, was a coupon for a discount on any next order!

On other headphones of many chips of the tracks there was no sound and these other frequencies and sounds, no wheezing and no extraneous sounds, reach for the phone and the laptop and the tablet, before taking the Bluetooth headphones, so they were very quiet compared to these, in the box was the warranty card, the courier is very polite, called on the day of delivery and warned per hour. So order boldly. Again took on the official page of JBL Tmall here.

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