Headphones i7s — copy of Apple Airpods

I ordered from this seller, because this particular model of headphones i7s had the most positive reviews.

The parcel came to Moscow for 4 weeks. The box was packaged in a conventional protective film.

The contents

  1. Kit
  2. Form
  3. Wireless Bluetoth
  4. Charging and battery
  5. Design
  6. Where to buy


Included is the box, USB wire, headphones. Through the box is only charging and connecting headphones need via buttons, so you can save on the things.

This model is similar to a copy of the popular headphones from Apple. However headphones I7s are significantly different from the original.

Size lot more and some people may be uncomfortable to use, because they will hurt your ears. Headphones have great size and a long elongated wand, so girls are uncomfortable to use because they get tangled in your hair.


They have a fairly convenient form, because they are designed specifically for ears. It is quite normal to hold on, you can move freely, when the slope does not fall out.

Important: the Model I7s has a sound insulating property, so the sound even at high volume hear bad enough on the street.

The bass is frankly not very much. Perhaps such a defect is just me. Judging by the reviews, most likely I wasn’t so lucky, but if you’re not a fan of Rap or hard rock with powerful bass.

Wireless Bluetoth

Wireless headset, therefore, quite convenient to use. The connection is fast and easy via Bluetooth, thanks to special buttons on the case.

To connect the first time, you have to press and hold for a few seconds, the switch is initially off i7. Don’t forget the device that perform pairing, to search for new devices in bluetoth. After the first time, re-connections are made automatically and almost instantly. If the other device (smartphone, tablet or computer) prompts for a password, enter four zeros — here is a small manual on the use of Russian))

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Charging and battery

The charging case is convenient. In order to fully charge the headset with a full charge, it takes about two hours. Of headphones work enough for 1.5 to 2 hours. This model is not suitable for long trips and travel, will always have to recharge. Either have two sets, so while some people are charged, say, powerbank Rock, a second set continued to please with music.

Headphones work a short distance. Headphones start to fail, if the phone is a little to carry from the headset, even while in the tight pocket of the jacket.


The design is fashionable and modern. White look very stylish, look impressive. There is also in black color, they are too cute. Almost identical to the Airpods. However, more cumbersome. Charging connector fastened poorly, a little bit sticks out. Appearance is quite beautiful. Work with many phones. Easily connected to my Xiaomi mi A1 .

Ideal for various sports and Hiking. The motion does not fall, keeps well in the ear.

Where to buy

You can order on Aliexpress via this link or just search for the name of the i7s, but then choose the seller with the highest rating and which they sold long ago, and a lot of positive feedback already.

The fact that now their variations a lot. If you decide to buy at all for a few dollars, that is even such, but there is a quality sound and pairing the wireless — all is terrible, plus the battery won’t hold an hour, and can break at any moment.

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