Headphones Bluedio Turbine Т4ѕ with bluetoth

I have always recognized only headphones-droplets, but when he heard the sound of a large overhead «ears» (and even wireless!), understand that the obligation for such and such to purchase.

Period testing Bluedio Т4ѕ — 1 year and 7 months, so I definitely have a lot to tell). Bought them to replace the dying vacuum for the gym, street and long trips.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Battery and operating time
  3. Full review
  4. Pros
  5. Cons
  6. Video

Where to buy

Ordered on Aliexpress here on the official website of the manufacturer.

Delivery within three weeks, delivered by courier in a convenient time to me at home. The packaging is super stylish. Black color, beautiful font, and an image of the device is nothing superfluous and repulsive.

Headphones Bluedio made of quality metal and leather substitute. The cups have chrome inserts so much attracting the attention of others.

Only, in my opinion, from what could be abandoned, so that the inscription TURBINE. I know that many people manage to gently take it off and, most likely, my hands too, once it comes to that.

Battery and operating time

Battery allows the device to play music for 16 hours, and even if she sits, there’s always the possibility of connecting to the phone/laptop wire c port Type-C. on average, I charge his ears every 2-3 weeks with daily use for an hour.

Full review


  • Decent package contents: audio cable 3.5 mm mini-Jack USB Type-C USB cable — USB Type-C, manual, velvet pouch for storage and carrying.
  • Long hold charge.
  • Comfortable fit. On me they sit perfectly in a stationary state, and during active movement. With headphones I do in the gym, running on the street or on the track and not once in all the time I didn’t drop them. Of course, they will fly away from Your head, if You will burn all sails at 30 km/h or jump in them burpees. With moderate activity, they will not get anywhere. You can also change the length of the temples. They are fixed on each level perfectly, no jumps.
  • A good supply of volume among the automobile noise sometimes even a lot of the maximum possible, is enough for me about 80% for a comfortable music listening experience. In silence (for example, I love to take the train) enough for 1-2 level.
  • Convenient push button control, quick pairing with the phone and laptop. Nothing creaks, not loose, not wobbly. Button for one and a half years, still clearly pressed and perform their function flawlessly.
  • Nice price. When buying on Aliexpress, you can grab and for 1600 RUB (don’t forget about the availability of coupons at the stores and additional discounts in the days of global sales). At the time of the order the minimum cost for this model on Yandex.Market in Saint Petersburg amounted to about 6000 RUB. there is a catch!
  • High-quality sound. There are low-frequency, soft and pleasant bass. Listen to your favourite songs at high volume – the buzz is incredible, you just dissolve them.
  • At maximum volume the sound is not distorted, there is no rattle and rustle. Perfect!
  • The possibility of a wired connection to the phone while the battery is exhausted.
  • Fast charging.
  • Stylish design and good build quality. The ear pads are soft, fit snugly to the ears without too much pressure.
  • Insulation. But it works not at the expense of the current functions of noise reduction, but purely because of the huge sleeves, a rather tight-fitting and completely covering the ears. Even in the off state, going into the Bluedio T4S on the street, feel a light vacuum.
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  • For girls the design may seem bulky and heavy (though personally for me they are perfect). But still, owners of small puppet heads should look at other models.
  • Not working available noise reduction system. And if it functions, why to pay for it?
  • The device speaks to us only in English (thanks to Chinese). For me it’s not a problem, but perhaps to someone it might not be for everyone.
  • A bad microphone. Like headset this model to apply will not work. Even at home, in very quiet surroundings, the interviewer almost does not hear Your voice. About the street and say nothing… Although, after reading reviews, I know that many MIC satisfied. Apparently there like a cat in the bag: someone lucky and some do not.
  • At high volume the music will be hear all over the County. For the noisy room (gym) it’s not terrible, but in the queue at the hospital, I would listen abstained).
  • There are minuses (where without them), but, for me they all pale in comparison with a solid list of pros. It is really worthy headphones, which with careful use will serve you for years. Of course, they are inferior in many characteristics known to all Marshall, Monster Beats, JBL. BUT! Remember that the price of Bluedio tens (!) times less than the aforementioned brands-the giants and the a priori can not compete with such leaders, professional speakers.

Who still thinking to take or not to take this device T4S, I will say without hesitation — take it! Again, you can buy them on Aliexpress here is the official. Of course, a top brand headphones from Bluedio is Vinyl, review them here, but the price tag on them — not less than$100.

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