Headphones Anbes with Bluetoth

Once bought wireless bluetooth headphones Anbes, they cost about five hundred rubles, the goods arrived in Makhachkala approximately seventeen to twenty days, which is pretty reasonable for free shipping. Taken from the official representative of the brand Abnes on Aliexpress here.

Headphones bad, the quality is a solid unit, the sound is good, after six months of use broke one earphone that did not affect the other.

The «ears» of metal with a magnet at the rear, ideal for storage (but when you touch these headphones music is not turned off although it should), the «control point» headphones too large, affecting the ease of movement, that is, one earphone falls because of gravity.

Battery the headphone is not big enough for two to three hours, which is bad for people-music lovers, the range of Bluetooth is about ten-fifteen meters.

In General, headphones Anbes not very much, as I have not much more functionality. To take these headphones do not advise anyone, for this money you can find the best quality products and with the best sound.

Dear visitor of the website. Judging by the reviews on our website, the administration recommends to pay attention to similar headphones models Lymoc or Meizu — related links. Also, please note this section of our site, there are lots of reviews.

To do nothing, because any positive emotions from them is not received.

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