Head unit (radio) for Kia Rio on Android OS

I want to share the purchase history and use alternative to the standard head unit on Android 6 INFIDINI for KIA RIO 2015.

After buying a new car, I was not satisfied with the regular radio, which were completed with this model. The sound of it, to put it mildly, disgusting, equalizer is worthless, and there’s little functionality.

I’m thinking about buying a multimedia processor(radio) from China. Shoveled a heap of forums, reading reviews, I settled on a multimedia head unit INFIDINI for Kia Rio from the shop Infidini Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd.

Moreover, the presence of this unit was in a warehouse in Russia that is much improved wait time from payment to receiving it in my hands. On the website I chose this radio, made a payment in the amount of 16098,87 rubles 02 Aug 2017. Bought here: I received it on 08 August 2017 from a warehouse in Russia courier service. In addition to the radio in the external microphone, GPS antenna, wifi antenna and gift-reversing camera.

After receiving their nod immediately ran to put her in the car that took 30 minutes, he pulled out the old radio, put new and hooked up all the wires, antenna and camera. By the way, while waiting for delivery, found that the format 2DIN universal and you can take the head unit any brand under the given size, regardless of car model.

Radio done efficiently, got in the car as his own, the touch screen works great even in the cold, sat NAV works fine(is Navitel license), you can put any other navigation program, receives Internet radio via the access point from your phone over WI-FI, reversing camera works fine also, the picture is clear and good color.


Radio has a bunch of settings such as the equalizer, a second screen, watching videos from YouTube, music online, radio catches steadily and without interference, the music is much better the head unit(thanks to a good amplifier in the device), the opportunity to study the buttons on the steering wheel, what you can assign to any function.

The seller is very responsive, immediately answering all questions, if you ask, then sends detailed installation instructions, problems and the new firmware for this device.


In principle, all happy. The unit looks in the dash panel Kia Rio like a native. Even better than a native. Installation is not needed to go somewhere and pay — all made by myself, for which special thanks to the format 2DIN universal and the connection terminals.

A lot of advantages: the presence of two navigation systems — GPS and GLONASS, which is also licensed. The sound is excellent, to it no complaints. And if something is not liked, then all sorts of settings and responsive equalizer will come to the rescue. The screen is also not satisfactory. He is responsive, bright and sharp (not dull). In General, buying more than pleased. Bought here: