Hat and Snood for a toddler

I love to dress their children beautifully and tastefully, try to buy them with various accessories such as hats, snudy, headbands, tights, hats, caps, and other goods.

I bought everything on different Internet sites, such as H&M, adidas, Detskiy Mir, dochki-synochki, Crockid, including order on a Chinese website Aliexpress.

I really liked one set on this site, all thought to order or not. Decided to order it. I ordered on Aliexpress hat and Snood for my son here on this page.

Usually orders from Aliexpress are coming in 3-5 weeks, this time the order came very quickly, within 2 weeks. Salesman of all time parcels communicated with me politely and correctly.

The product is fully consistent with the description, in colors as bright and colorful. Cats and stars are not blurred, smooth, colorful. The product itself is of good quality, the fabric is quite thick, can wear in late spring and early fall.

Very good hat sat on the head of a child, not much tight, you can safely book for 3-4 year-old child. Snood is also very well suited for the way the child looks very stylish and beautiful.

Now, when we go out, everyone is looking at us because the set is very bright and catches the eye, ask where I ordered it. In the near future and want your beautiful daughter to order the same set, only pink.

Me and my kids loved this kit, we will continue to order from this seller’s other products. Thank you very much! Still I can recommend a warm suit Kacakid baby cotton set for baby care OOTDTY.

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