Harnesses for dogs

I took last year on Aliexpress harnesses for their dogs…

Shipping is free, there was a parcel a month in the Vladimir oblast, the packaging is normal. As already mentioned, took on Aliexpress on this page.

It harnesses for medium and large dogs — well I took two weighing 18 to 30 kg.

First it is necessary to take measurements: chest and neck, then select any in the order. Harnesses have quite a large range of adjustment, so if the dog will lose weight, or popolnyat, you can always adjust the shape.

Dogs I have a rather zealous, not fond of cats and most other big dogs, like huskies, shepherds and Labradors, so the ear they must be sharp — if the leash is loosened, so you can yank that will not find it. One example — one dog Walker the Schnauzer broke her arm — relax, you know.

Nevertheless, harnesses showed himself with a great party, despite the fact that the locks of the plastic fasteners, they never disappoint, although dogs I calmly dragged through the grass or snow trail.

About glow in the dark — complete nonsense! Well, they stitched the glowing thread, so perhaps it will see?

About the regulations: they are constantly from the stress off in a big way, so I recommend to flash. Well, it’s the little things.

And the thing is very good, reliable, I recommend. Again, bought on Ali here. I can recommend another clippers scissors grooming (dog grooming). And mount for action camera on the dog. Very interesting video work, believe me. You can see the world through the eyes of your pet!

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