Handbag, cosmetic bag Venice for travel

Bought this bag for vacation travel, at that time it was worth 6$, shipping is quite fast: came within 20 days in Kaliningrad standard mail. The purse is fully consistent with the description of the author of this product.

Took here on the world-famous site Aliexpress.

Venice looks exactly like in the picture. The color does not differ, material is soft to the touch on close examination, it is not completely smooth, and with a small three-dimensional pattern: a very fine mesh that I liked.

Inside inside this road purse-purse has convenient compartments of a fabric mesh, framed by a stretching rubber bands, which do not allow the contents to fall out,as well as a large pocket separated from the common space of the castle.

Outside there is a small piece of tissue with a hook to hang the whole bag, if the bag hang on this hook, then it completely turns around and becomes a kind of canvas with pockets and compartments for everything you put there.

Handbag is very convenient in shape and size, it is convenient to put in the suitcase or travel bag, since it has the edges of dense guides inside the tissue and holds the shape.

Because of this, it can be safely put on the shelf and she will not fall.

The lock on the bag is intact, not damaged, quietly closes and unzips without a hitch fabric and the like. Castle interior pocket is also of good quality, easily opens and closes.

The fabric from which made interior of the bag is quite nice, grey color, medium-dark, the material is pleasant to the touch: policlinica and fairly smooth.

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All seams are from Venice very smooth and neat, no loose threads, the threads never torn. On the obverse there is a figure, it is made from a white silicone material, which when used is not erased, despite the fact that the bag is repeatedly washed in the washing machine.

Again, took this product on the website Aliexpress here on this page. If need a handbag for cosmetics that was just shockproof rigid and stylish, I can advise more like natural rattan — this brand FONMOR is now a hit in the West and soon the fashion will come to us.