Hand press with a set of buttons for clothing

When you sew or knit baby clothes, often think about how the product will be fastened to. I want to do not only securely but also quickly, without much effort, yet would at the same time and baby liked it. The solution was found quickly – button. But the buttons also need to be installed and for this Aliexpress suggested I get miracle press along the way, by the number of buttons in number of 150 pieces of different colors, about your purchase, I tell you.

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  2. How to use
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Where to buy

There are many places where you can buy a universal hand press, but I chose Aliexpress, because there’s a great choice and the price affordable prices in Moscow. The order I made here about four months ago, the cost was$ 14 at the time.

My order arrived in the Moscow region in about 4 weeks, as standard, in General. The press was Packed in several packages, padded with cardboard, not to say that it is very reliable, but I received all together and in working order, nothing to complain about. Inside was the hero of the occasion, it came with interchangeable tips for the buttons larger and smaller diameter, and a screwdriver to change them and 15 bags with buttons of different colors.

Itself has pleased me – in the hand is comfortable, and itself is strong, nothing is «it wobbles», not «trahaetsya». The application is simple and convenient, does not require great physical strength. When are our fasteners very snug and secure. Three months of active use , not fell off no.

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How to use

In order to set the buttons you need, by selecting a color, get 4 components, two of them will be the same, with sharp pins, the other two are different.

The buttons themselves

It is important not to confuse the details or parties to which they are attached, can be checked before installation, snapping it into position, and then disconnecting. Next, take the part with the pin and is stuck at the intended location. Because it is sharp, the process is easy, especially on knitwear.

The process of pressing

Next, take the second part and presses it from the other side of the canvas so that the pin passed through the hole . Then press with some force hold the details. You want the pin when it hit, it firmly secures our button on the canvas. Those same steps repeat for the second part. All manipulations take, maybe a minute, and our product gets a wonderful clasp, sturdy and neat.

In General, I’m satisfied with your purchase. And not only me, my five year old daughter enthusiastically helps me to install buttons for products, having mastered this process to perfection.

View the product card and price on Aliexpress >>Finished work!


This, of course, not my video just found on the Internet. But the device is exactly the same. And kit, and kit, and sending it fits. Probably bought from the same seller.