Hand press for pasta and Italian pasta, spaghetti, noodles

Fans of Italian (and not only) homemade pasta I understand — I need such a machine. Simple metal device that looks like a manual press squeezes out the dough curly pasta.

This is when just the flat noodle (there tagliatelle, tagliolini, lasagne) are not satisfied. Thin spaghetti, heavy bucatini, spirals and other strange names shape pushes this machine. I rather squeeze hands.

The contents

  1. Cons
  2. Pros
  3. How to use
  4. Video


Depart from the standard and begin with a minus. He’s the one. Fully mechanical, you eat with your hands.

Very, very hard for a woman to crank the press handle to squeeze the dough. Apparently the dough the Chinese have a more soft and holds its shape better, and my of flour, hard, and squeezed it hard.

But if you give a unit in the hands of strong men, the macaroni, spaghetti, pasta like clockwork, will be pulled out. Since I have such a strong and skilled no is in the negative.


The pros

  • Press easy to handle;
  • machine cheap (900 rubles), bought on Aliexpress here on this page;
  • unique (at least, I like nowhere to be found);
  • easy to disassemble, clean;
  • will not rust;
  • five different nozzles.

How to use

In fact, to use a hand pump for the pasta much easier than to write about it. Knead the dough (pasta is egg, salt and flour), choose the nozzle that lay in the tube, close and twist the handle clockwise. All!

Pasta extrudes your strength through the holes in the nozzle.

And here it is in your imagination. Can be cut short, you can give the pasta to stretch out the entire length, let alone noodles so noodles. Twist hard, as has already been mentioned, but fresh pasta on the table is worth it.

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On the analysis and collection takes minutes. The machine is small, to keep her comfortable.

Major head, honestly, did not understand why. The petals of her some not clear. Bucatini (spaghetti so fat) always turn out to cheer. To break that, I think, impossible, otherwise I already would break.

Overall, the press on five with a minus . Minus, again, for excessive use of my power, but I think that the problem here is in the quality and consistency of our pasta, in China, it might be softer. But the thing is, unequivocally, suggest for cooking pasta.

A little advice (life hack):

To make it easier to squeeze the toothpaste, I learned to add to the dough some olive oil. the pasta better keep their shape, extrudes easier, and it tastes great.

Again, bought a hand press for pasta and other pasta, spaghetti, noodles on Aliexpress here. Can also recommend the chemex for preparing coffee and a form for baking pancakes in a frying pan.