Hair dryer with rotary brush

My old hair dryer began to overheat with age, but because I ordered on Aliexpress multifunction Hairdryer «One step hair dryer and styler». Custom designed in the store house appliance Store GR here on this page.

The order was issued in this store, because I was satisfied with the price set by the store. The purchase of the hair dryer with rotating brush and with discount cost me $ 12.88$. Turned out, firstly, considerably cheaper than a regular store, and secondly, than other stores Aliexpress even with paid shipping, offering the same product.

The contents

  1. Shipping and payment
  2. Description
  3. How to use the modes and the ease of use
  4. Opinion

Shipping and payment

Delivery is made via China Post Registered Air Mail. The shipping cost was 0.53$. The order issued August 8, parcel received 31 August (Belarus, Mogilev). Thus, shipping was 23 days.

The parcel is not tracked during transport. The device was Packed in a soft bag. Because of this, the packaging was completely crushed and had unattractive. At the same time the device have received absolutely no damage, it was not a single scratch. In this regard, dented box was a small unpleasant thing, but for me absolutely not important.


A Hairdryer with a rotating brush with Ali, though no formal brand, but has a fairly attractive appearance: the main instrument background black combined with rich pink (last one not bright pink, not a flashy color, and fairly quiet).

In black color is made almost the whole pen and brush-hairbrush with bristles. Rose made two side panels adjacent to the brush, the comb, and the lower part of the handle that is responsible for control of the device.

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In addition, the plastic tips of the brush-comb is made in the form of small pink caps. In terms of colors, the picture that displayed on the website adequately conveys the real picture.

Multifunctional dryer «One step hair dryer and styler» is a one-piece unit, ie the control knob is inseparable from the top of the rotating brush and comb. Full length, from the base of the handle to the tip of the brush-comb is 34 cm, while the handle itself has – 20 cm, and the brush-comb -14 see

Despite its size, the dryer is easy enough. You do not get tired during use. This is achieved not only thanks to its lightness, but also due to the shape of the handle.

Brush comb large enough. It has an oval shape with a size of 8×5,5 cm excluding the bristles. The bristles are on the brush-the brush was not straight rows, and in the form of waves. Part of the bristles is a single-level high bristles, the tips of which are softened by pink caps, ferrules, these can be seen in many massage combs, and part is split-level bristles.

The latter, in addition to high bristles include a number of smaller bristles, which seemed to frame this high bristle. This frame is softer, this can be found on the combs made of natural hair. Sibling setae located at the anterior and posterior walls of the brush-comb, and a duplex – on the sides.

The device has a long enough cord (1,90 cm), that allows it to use exactly where you need. Drawstring ends with European standard plug. I ordered it with this fork, although it is possible to place an order with an American plug.

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For easy operation the handle is a loop, enabling it to hang on a hook or nail.

How to use the modes and the ease of use

The dryer is powered by electricity. For its operation requires a voltage of 220 watts.

After connecting the plug to the socket on the handle lights up green next to «off» (OFF) at the base of the handle. Further management is done using a special wheel, which is as it encircles the base of the handle and rotates in a circle.

It has a special dash that indicates the mode that is currently enabled.

The regimes, which, by the way, are three:

  1. mode of cold air (LOW),
  2. mode warm air (MIDLE),
  3. mode hot air (HIGH).

These modes are also marked with labels and indicators on the black part of the handle.

When you move the wheel in the desired direction will illuminate the appropriate mode.

Heating power is 1000W. The use of this multifunctional dryer showed that:

  1. first, the management is simple;
  2. second, it combines the functions of a Hairdryer with a rotating brush, and a comb function. While it is compact, does not occupy much space like other Hairdryers which is equipped with a large number of nozzles to achieve, in principle, the same effect which provides at the output of the dryer.

It is really multifunctional: they can and hair to dry, and put them at the same time.

Dries hair well and quickly, and to carry out the drying of hair as using hot and warm. And that’s just the styling I put on the warm and cool modes.

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Using this dryer to create a voluminous hairstyle with the effect of twisted hair. I also like that while using the hair is not electrified. Creates the effect of smooth hair.


Thus, acquisition of a multifunctional hair dryer with rotating brush «One step hair dryer and styler» will allow any lady to not only dry the hair, but also to create beautiful hair using just the dryer without resorting to a different kind of additional devices.

Once again, buying this an essential companion for the care of women’s hair on Aliexpress here. By the way, if you dye your hair with henna, I can recommend and quality henna for hair all with the same Ali.