GSM alarm system Kerui G18 without wires!

Today, SIM cards cost a penny, many of them a few pieces lying idle, and there are no tariffs of mobile operators. All this makes it possible cheap their application and overall technology GSM.

When I needed to resolve the issue of the protection of private villas, subject to the complete lack of people around in the winter, I decided to order on Aliexpress GSM alarm system Kerui brand and model G18.

What makes it so good? First, by examining different reviews and testimonials on the Internet, including the English-language segment, I knew about its reliability and high quality from this manufacturer. However, it is necessary to take Ali’s only official representative here, otherwise you can fall for blatant forgery.

Secondly, you can literally for $ 20-80 to obtain completely ready a set Kerui all need, including different wireless motion detectors, sensors on doors and Windows, smoke, broken Windows, noise, etc.

They have many different options sets. You just need to find the most suitable. For example, the garage is enough with one motion sensor, plus smoke and open the gate. For a private home or apartment we need to calculate all the inputs and outputs and then to take in the right number set.

I remind you: all this for very little money and without wires. No need to hire craftsmen to sculpt in wall wiring, which, by the way, the attackers could easily trim.

The parcel with Ali was pretty long, about a month. But everything came in perfect.

In the kit I had two motion sensor, one remote, total control, which should be set indoors and are exposed password and some settings.

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4 sensor on doors, Windows and two remote to off and set the alarm and sound the siren.

Let me remind you that everything works without extra power, only batteries. According to the manufacturer Kerui G18 missing them for about a year. While I can not say exactly, because it’s only been a month. Well, if that is possible always on the same Ali buy rechargeable AA batteries to save on batteries.

Kerui alarm works exactly as you have it set up. May include noise or silent alarm, sending the SMS to the specified number with the message on operation or produce a call. Until viewing on a phone camera, of course, if it is included in your kit. There is an app for smartphones.

Everything else look in the video below. Again just to remind you that it is better to buy from the official representative of the brand on Aliexpress here.