Grooming clipper KEMEI for dog grooming

Clipper Pets from the company Kemei. Great set, lots of features, decent price.

I took her for grooming dogs for 1451 ruble on Aliexpress here on this page, delivery was very fast came within 12 days.

Now look at the packaging and what awaits us inside.

Came well packaged original box Kemei, inside of which was the goods in the box, but the «brand». Glossy wrapper with a picture of the grooming machines and dogs, I appreciated. After removing the wrap we have is a plain white box, inside of which lies the most important.

The contents

  1. Equipment
  2. The quality and ease of use
  3. Opinion


The set consists of:

  • instructions
  • 4 attachments for different length hair (3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 13mm),
  • most grooming machines,
  • brushes for cleaning, combs,
  • charging
  • scissors, nail trimmer, nail file (to be honest, I was surprised that such a thing exists) and special lubrication.

The box is very space saving, the size is small, but it all fits.

The quality and ease of use

Now let us examine in more detail the very clipper Kemei model KM-1991, its functionality and endurance.

There is a display that reflects how many percent is left before the off button on/off, control the length of the blades of titanium steel, the hook by which you hang the grooming machine.

Approximate size 18.5 cm by 6 cm is not heavy.

To work with the machine as possible without wires, and with him, it is quite long, that much is a plus. My dog I cut for 2-4 hours, cars are enough for this time, if before it is fully charged.

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I would say that Kemei’s a little noisy, but not so much that it could be considered a minus. Cuts very well and smoothly, the only thing it is better to use without attachments, because they need to be removed every 5 minutes, because they are clogged with hair. If you can’t apply them, then all of it. Grooming-the machine is very comfortable to hold in the hand.

At the end of a haircut is is possible to completely remove the blade and clean grooming clipper Kemei.

I disassembled it once, because after 3 haircuts some hair got further than you can clean in appearance, dismantled, quietly cleaned everything up. The main thing is to figure out how to assemble it back, but it’s all very easy, for that also would give plus.


I think that if you buy a machine Kemei grooming dogs, it will fit anyone, even those who, like me, didn’t cut their Pets. Once again, I bought this grooming clipper dogs on Aliexpress in here.