Graphics card Asus GTX 750 with Aliexpress

I often order a variety of small goods from Aliexpress and I decided to order a more serious technique, namely, a video card for my old computer. In this article I will talk about the pros and cons of such a purchase.

5 days ago I received a parcel with a graphics card Asus GTX 750 Ti, choose a card from this manufacturer. Took here on this page.

My old computer has little exported, could hardly even run the very old and not demanding the application, the problem is just the same, was the irrelevance of my card and 2 gigs lath RAM (RAM I also ordered Ali).

Briefly about the status of the card and shipping…

Track all charges were tracked, with the seller and I haven’t kept in touch.

April 19 I received it. The graphics card was in the box, covered in a dense package that made me very pleased. The seller takes full responsibility to customers, for which he I he expressed gratitude.

The package came 22 days before the regular mail Orenburg Russia map cost me 3,500 rubles, great price, by the way in our new city is not less than 4500-5000 rubles, so I’m not a bad saving. On the same day after receiving the package I immediately installed the video card in your system unit, all came up, installed the driver, the normal flight.

Basic specifications graphics card Asus GTX 750 Ti:

  • Memory card 2 GB.
  • The bus width is 128 bits.
  • Cooling ventilation.
  • Memory type DDR5.
  • The Frequency Of 1150 MHz.

In the operation, I will try to overclock the video card, see what happens, but overall I’m pleased with the performance of this card, I was expecting the worst, this model is in high demand, budget card with good performance, and what else is needed for comfortable computer use. Externally, the graphics card looks good, I liked the design.

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In General, what can I say about my purchase, I’m happy, even more happy for the fact that the seller went to my order with the full understanding and I received the parcel safe and sound. Again, bought on Aliexpress here. I also recommend the article «How to build a cheap powerful gaming computer components with Ali«.