Graphic tablet XP-Pen Star06 with a stylus

I bought a graphic tablet XP-Pen Star06 about six months ago on Aliexpress here, so I have painted a lot of pictures, and have something to say.

The wheel on the left is very convenient, after doodling on other tablets (with friends) and my hand automatically goes always to this wheel, although they don’t have it, so it is very convenient.

The glove comes in the kit, I only with her and unable to draw for so lines come out smoother, so that the purchase is not necessary.

Tablet XP-Pen Star 06 wireless, via usb as a mouse is connected, but the wire drawing (the normal usb-microusb, so if something happens, the suit and charging the phone).

As it was for me: draw day 2 is active, then a couple of hours sat with wire, turned off and draw again without the wire, it’s really very convenient.

In sleep mode (which it enters automatically) charge barely eats; was lying like that once a week gathering dust and when I plugged it in, charging it was 2/3 as a week ago.

All the buttons on the stylus and on the tablet, including the wheel, are configured by the driver for this tablet, drivers on a small flash drive that comes in the kit, or they can be downloaded online.

The only problem is, my computer didn’t want to read it, so I formatted, and now I just stick to 4 Giga (and the wood I Internet downloaded).

Stylus without a battery, it is not necessary to charge or buy batteries for it, so it weighs very little, which for me is also a plus. Press good response.

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On my pictures you can see that he’s a little scratched already, because of the frequent use.

When I arrived my XP-Pen Star06 were no scratches, only the box was a little crushed corners (although knowing our post, and it’s not bad). Suggest to buy the film to the screen, if scratchy critical for you.

Included as well is «ink» (stand pen) and replacement nibs for it.

Previously I used other tablets, but this, to me, the most convenient, to purchase the same to beginners in drawing, I recommend, you this tablet still long enough.

Arrived 15 days to Novosibirsk, took for ~₽to 5500. Again, bought on Aliexpress here.