Graphic tablet XP-Pen Star 03 — overview and usage


This item I really wanted because I love to draw, and I needed it. This graphic tablet.

The tablet is very different from the usual, because it is intended for drawing. How does he look? The answer is simple, different. There are large, small, with screen and without. I ordered without a screen, because I’m new. Many wonder how to draw on it, if there is no screen. It’s very easy and everyone can learn to draw.

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I thought a lot about which tablet to buy because brands very much. I stayed on XP-Pen Star 03. But after selecting the graphics tablet, I thought long and hard about color choices and eventually settled on white. And I’m very glad that I chose this color. In my experience I can say that the black tablet scratches highly visible.


What was in the box? In the box was the graphics tablet, drawing pen, pen stand, where else were spare nibs for it, the driver disk, without it the tablet won’t work, different pieces of paper with information, USD cord to connect to the laptop or computer.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the driver on the disc, many problems can occur by using this gadget as not all is now set drives, and many modern laptops do not have it. What to do? Actually — that’s not a problem. On the device itself, the packaging and the disk have the website address to download from him — no problem!

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In fact, the tablet has 8 useful buttons, they can customize the settings after installing the driver. And a pen that has 2 buttons, in the same way, you will be able to configure them in the settings.

The result, price, where to buy and shipping

I think this is my good buy from AliExpress. Buy here:

Price: 49.82$

The time of delivery to Kazakhstan regular airmail: more than a month in Russia a little less, as it was to me to Kazakhstan somehow through Moscow.