Graphic tablet HUION H430P

About four months ago I came across on the Internet on Aliexpress here graphic tablet HUION H430P. By the way, is a wonderful thing for artists. Order arrived in less than a month.

Actually, this pleased, with this product monitored. Did not leave indifferent even the fact that a fairly high rating for this product and a lot of positive feedback!The order cost me$26,very often there are discounts on this tablet.

It was Packed well enough. Included were: the picture in the form of a disc with the sites where you can download drivers for drawing, instruction manual, pen for drawing and a glove.

Was also drawn to the fact that the model HUION H430P small size. The main advantage is a nice material, the handle does not scratch the tablet. It works under any and all programs, at least in Paint, at least in Adobe Photoshop.

The main thing — to choose the most convenient for yourself. The buttons on the tablet and pen makes your work much easier.

Useful for drawing,can also be used for electronic signature or to make presentations. Of the minuses can only note that the pen is very sensitive, at a distance of about 1 cm, the tablet responds to it.

I think for beginners is perfect, both in price and functionality of the product. Again, took on Aliexpress here on this page. And here is a review on spare stylus for it.


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