Graphic tablet for PC Parblo A610

In early summer I bought a graphics tablet Parblo A610. I originally bought it for himself to teaching drawing and with this he copes.

The main feature of go is that it is simple, minimalistic and performs all the basic functions of the tablet.

On the front panel Parblo A610 has 6 buttons macros that you can adjust yourself and carry with them the most frequent actions.

The kit also came with a wired pen, a set of replacement heads, and a special glove holder, and all necessary USB cables.

On Aliexpress I bought it for 51$ here on this page, and he went to the southern Urals about 3 weeks by regular mail.

The pros and cons

The main advantage of the tablet is its simplicity and long performance. All of my friends, he regularly worked more than one year and the maximum that he can break is replaceable nozzles.

I also like the response of the front surface. When drawing small details barely feel the pressure on the pen making the hand tired not so fast. In the classic only comes with 6 interchangeable attachments, but here the seller put in 10 extra.

Very comfortable glove for drawing which helps not to spoil the surface and increases the speed of drawing straight lines, plus immediately there is a feeling that you are a true artist!

By cons Parblo A610 I want to add a terrible standard driver bundled. When you install can disappear a function of depression or an abyss, all the commands in the macros. Installing drivers from the Internet also does not solve the problem so you have to do some “dancing with tambourine” to the tablet properly earned.

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I recommend this go to young artists who don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for a graphics tablet and to study conveniently and without negative consequences. Again, Parblo A610 bought on Aliexpress here.