Grafting pruner with Aliexpress

I have long wanted to learn how to plant trees. With a knife I did not, and dangerous, can be easily cut. When I saw that there is a special tool, grafting pruner, immediately decided to buy!

Bought tool brand Tegoni on Aliexpress 660 rubles here on this page. Given that the gardening shops it costs from 1500, it is very profitable.

The parcel was about four weeks. The secateurs come in their original packaging. In the kit, it came with three blades of different shapes (V, U, and O — ring).

Each of them is used to work with specific types of trees. There is also a detailed user friendly instructions with pictures and a spare lock for the blade.

You can say it two in one: serves as a grafting pruner for cutting branches. I quickly got the hang of it — a few times I practiced on the branches and it went. Vaccinated on cherries and wild apricot. All insanely easy. If the diameter of the summing up and bringing the same vaccination that sits like a glove, tight, no gap.

Blade my Tegoni very sharp and do not crumple the material. Plus they sharpened on both sides, when it becomes blunt you can turn and use it again. If the thickness of branches is small, it cuts off very easily. In the presence of a thick material is necessary to make efforts.

Vaccination should roll up special grafting tape, I didn’t have it and order I guessed, had to use conventional electrical tape — everything is fine!

Vaccination is well settled, let the leaves. Now I have one cherry, two different varieties. Helps to save space in the garden. Again, bought this tool on Aliexpress here. I can also recommend a jigsaw DEKO, which is easy to «manage» the direction of growth of the trees in the garden.

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