Goodland lamp with motion sensor — night emergency lighting for home

Share the first, very mixed impressions from the acquisition of a lamp with a motion sensor, or «the story of how two essentially identical things can be so different.» But about all under the order.

The need to purchase was due to the lack of additional small light in the apartment and the possibility to have temporary lighting, plus a «limited offer discount -27%» pushed to action. Paying 710, 72 rubles for two positions had only to wait for goods and track track.

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    Bought from an authorized representative of the manufacturer GoodLand at this link.

    A month later in the mail came well Packed parcel, which huddled two boxes,one of which was badly dented. The contents of the boxes is quite poor: the light comes without batteries; there are instructions that are not necessary, because everything is clear on an intuitive level.


    The nightlight is made of aluminum alloy with frosted plastic inserts for the LEDs. The motion sensor is located in the center of the lamp and responds to the approach at a distance of about 1 meter, which is significantly different with the product description on the website. When buying you need to specify the color: cool or warm.

    I ordered a warm tint, came is different, and the intensity of the yellow light illuminates virtually nothing. You can attach on almost any surface: fixed with adhesive tape, which is attached to the lamp by a magnet.

    Here was disappointed, as the light from the mint box were defective. The magnet is weak and detached from, the room practically lights (yellow light), traffic-responsive, particularly after the shake-up.

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    The second light is very different from that described above: 10 built-in LEDs perfectly cope with its task, responding quickly to movement, neatly and compactly fixed on the working kitchen panels. The big advantage is that LEDs are 4 regular AAA batteries in case of absence of movements in 15 seconds return to the resting state. No wires, no need to search for sockets, to do the liner in the furniture.


    One lamp is enough to illuminate a small room, works as an auxiliary lighting fixture, is designed for a period of more than 80000 hours. Of the minuses I note that the nightlight is always in standby mode and lights up when you turn on the main light. And of course, when ordering, it is likely to receive as a result of a defective product.

    But there is a nice bonus offered by the seller, 12 month warranty and return of goods at the factory marriage, a discount on your next purchase at the rate of 3%, provided that the buyer is willing to give 5 stars and leave a positive review. To operate lamps less than a week, overall rating 3 of 5, but for the price a very good option.

    I wrote to the seller about the poor quality of one of the lamps, he asked me to send photos. I sent a photo of the two lamps near GoodLand, where it is clear that one shines great, and the second barely ozvuchivaet himself, then the seller gave me back the cost of one article with an apology, for which many thanks to him.

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    Still, I recommend to buy cold light lamp. To purchase this product here.