Good ultrasonic humidifier with screen Alanchi

Nowadays more and more necessary to take care of their own health. And if, for example, quit Smoking or drinking coffee, not everyone, as not everyone can give up fatty and treated himself to death, then to install a simple device home and enjoy more quality air is available to everyone.

So, after reading reviews and consulting with a physician, decided to buy on Aliexpress ultrasonic humidifier for $36. I ordered the model Alanchi here on this page, they have established themselves with a very good side.

The seller sent ordinary mail of China post with track number, which was controlled all the way until the arrival in the mail. Carefully Packed, received without damage fully working. Complete English manual, adapter for our outlet.

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  • Overview

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    The humidifier consists of 2 parts: the lower part of the control unit and display, the upper part, a removable water tank.

    The case is made of durable plastic material, glossy, very easily soiled, if you look even fingerprints can be detected.

    After opening the package, no toxic smell was not that typical cheap Chinese fakes. The capacity of the fluid reservoir 2 liters. Humidifier ultrasonic.

    Piezo buzzer that emits high-frequency vibrations, breaks the water into tiny particles. At the outlet of the humidifier white, cold fog.

    Located on the bottom of the multifunction display displays the temperature and humidity in the room (switches every 10 seconds) , the timer (if enabled), mode power. The display is 10 minutes, then falls asleep.

    The right of the display button is used to turn on/off the device and mode selection. The left button is used to select timer 1, 2, 4, 8 hours. When there is insufficient water level lights up on the display the relevant icon, the instrument turns off.

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    Water intake

    In the process of operation used conventional, filtered and distilled water. A special difference is not noticeable, except that the raw water leaves a coating on the emitter and the housing of the humidifier.

    After some idle time float as if stuck, have mechanical with room to move and wash the working part.

    Effective use in the winter when the air is very dry in the room. Water was added to the eucalyptus oil. To use the device during the winter the child was sick 3-5 times, after got the device and use with eucalyptus baby over the winter ill only once. Dust in summer much less in the air.

    The power consumed during operation of the device depends on the selected mode. In the first mode, the weakest, barely visible haze when the power consumption is 15 Watts, with 2 mode 19 Watts maximum power 3 mode, 23 Watts. Water consumption is also measured for the sake of interest. 10 minutes when working at 1 the flow rate was 7 ml, for 2 spent 13 ml, with maximum capacity of 40 ml.

    Exploiting the humidifier, there are some recommendations for care. If frequent operation with raw unfiltered water is regularly drained from the bottom and wipe with a damp cloth.

    Recommend to compulsory acquisition for those who care about their health and the health of loved ones. You can order here on Aliexpress.

    All health more!


    The photo was taken specifically for the site, LimpopoTop like a tea kettle, important not to confuse!The effect of cool mistLCD screenUltrasonic emitter

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