Good robot vacuum iLife A40

Robot vacuum ILIFE A40 with the function of deep cleaning carpet I bought on Aliexpress Tmall four months ago, during this time, studied it thoroughly and want to share their strong and weak qualities.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Types of cleaning
  3. Opinion
  4. Video

Where to buy

Since the order was with Tmall, the cleaner came very fast by regular mail within five days prior to the Ryazan region. I ordered here. Bought for 8160 roubles was a good discount.

Now to the point. The parameters of the robot cleaner was also very nice, it is beautiful, light, not tall, comes with another filter and side brush, convenient user manual in Russian and warranty for one year.

Types of cleaning

Three types of cleaning, but for me it is moving it randomly a few times to get out of one place and another to not even be reached, but mode boundaries for the cleaning of baseboards and corners cope well.

Obstacles sees well, silent, the cat is afraid of him, but rather loves.

I would also like to say that we should not forget to clean with a wire floor, we once had a mishap, barely pulled, well, not broke anything!

Now for the cons. The container of the robot iLife A40 roomy, easily removed, with no problems cleaned, but I should say that when removing the container from the vacuum cleaner can roll the garbage!

Taught by bitter experience, now, before it is removed, I substituted for it a scoop, I think it’s a minus in the design of this model.

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The cleaner claimed as a great device for cleaning carpets, but on my Mat with a height of 0.5 cm to climb, he does not want to, and cat hair does not clean!

But overall I’m happy, specially let his cleaned the apartment and then scraped out the whole container of garbage! Recommend not as the main bag, but rather as a pleasant addition to daily routine cleaning.

Again, took on Aliexpress Tmall here. Still I can recommend a powerful vacuum cleaner Midea for manual cleaning. He is very powerful, they have to renew the carpets at least once a month, not all the robot to give the task.