Gongfu teapot KAMJOVE K-208

If you can’t imagine my life without a Cup of hot tea, this review will be useful indeed.

I want to tell you about the experience of using a teapot Gongfu or, on the other, the teapot, a fairly well-known brand KAMJOVE.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The ceremony itself
  3. Quality and how to brew
  4. Cons
  5. Conclusion

Where to buy


I ordered this miracle on Aliexpress from this seller, and paid for it on the stock 900 rubles. Delivery was done transport company CDEK and took about two weeks.

Packed Gongfu was in the float, so no damage noticed. I do not advise to choose the cheapest option, as high probability of damage to the goods during transport due to poor packaging.

Share personal experience because for the first time overtook the price, you end up getting splinters instead of a kettle and a partial refund on the dispute.

The ceremony itself

Now a little about the features of this type of teapot…

It’s not just the bulb which poured the tea and pour the boiling water. If you ever been to tea ceremonies, you know that the leaves should not be insist for a long time.

The right thing first-serve brewing to pour, as if rinsing tea leaves and a little rasprava them. This will enable you to fully open the taste of tea. Each of the following Strait should not stand for long, depending on the varieties of the beverage, the time varies from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

This method was born in ancient China, and the ceremony itself this tea is called «Gongfu cha». In the modern world do not have enough time to observe a long tradition, so enjoy the true taste of tea without the hassle using the Gongfu kettle K-208.

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Quality and how to brew

Brewing capacity of this teapot is a container of food-grade plastic with a hole at the bottom. It tightly closes the valve, which opens with button on top.

The design offers mesh filter, made of food-grade steel, which will not allow the tea leaves to get into the main flask. The scheme is simple:

  • Pour the tea at the rate of one teaspoon for each Cup plus one for the pot.
  • Pour hot water of required temperature. It depends on the teas, for Oolong the best would be 95 degrees and Puer — 100.
  • Waiting for the necessary amount of time and press the button on the lid fully merging all the tea. This is important because if you leave even a little tea, it will start to taste bitter and spoil the taste in the future. Instead of time you can focus on your desired strength.
    That’s the whole process.

The volume is 900 ml. allows you to arrange as a small gathering in the narrow family circle, and to please the guests the opportunity to enjoy this tasty drink without the extra effort.

If you don’t drink tea in such quantities, I recommend to look to other models of KAMJOVE Gongfu teapots with a smaller capacity.


Despite all the advantages of the kettle quite a few flaws…

The manufacturer declares that the primary flask is made from borosilicate glass and it can withstand any temperature changes. Maybe so, but even a light blow of a stone wash this teapot is unlikely to survive.

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The glass is so thin that sometimes it seems that it can be broken, just clenching his hand.

There is another unpleasant moment. I ordered this Gongfu teapot KAMJOVE K-208 because of the spout, which looks very nice and allows you to gently pour the tea into cups.

But it’s too narrow and if you want to speed up the process of filling the cups, increasing the tilt angle, the liquid starts to flow from the junction between the main bulb and brewing capacity, leading to extra cleaning required.

In addition, it is not necessary to pour a lot of boiling water in a glass container, as water flows outside on the flask and leaves nasty stains on the countertop surface.


Overall, buying this kettle I am happy. Thanks to him, you can drink proper tea, not spending much time on the process of brewing.

In addition, it allows a good to save on welding, to regulate the strength of the tea without adding boiling water, and looks in the kitchen is very aesthetically pleasing. Again, bought a kettle for KAMJOVE Gongfu on Aliexpress here.