Glowing sword from Star wars

Who among us has not seen Star wars? That our children represent themselves to be Jedi (we have the «Princess Leia» and «Luke Skywalker»). My husband and I decided to make the game more realistic and ordered on Aliexpress a couple of light-sticks like lightsabers.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Characteristics and features
  3. Quality, reliability

Where to buy

Ordered glowing swords from Star Wars here Ali. Price for two lights in August 2018 — 500r. Free delivery, received the parcel after 3 weeks.

Characteristics and features

Packaging foam box. Look like on picture: white arm, and the light-bulb of translucent plastic, the LEDs inside.


  • Length 26 cm;
  • The diameter of the lantern is 2.7 cm;
  • Battery AG13.

Control with one button, changing modes is repeated pressing, the off – holding for a few seconds. Our children understand instantly, even eighteen months, «Luke».

Lights have 12 color modes: white, green, orange, pink, yellow, red, blue, coral, turquoise, purple, crimson, emerald (from the seller shades identified by name the primary colors).

Quality, reliability

Led swords Star wars is bright enough, allow you to move quietly in the dark apartment. As a flashlight for night hikes, this sword is hardly applicable, but for child’s play or parties perfect.

Children play with lanterns of the type «star Pile» for six months. During this time none of the lights are not cracked even with regular drops. The battery has never been changed, are working properly.

Can recommend this lamp-coli as a Mature product for situations when you need to Shine in the dark, but it is a pity to waste the batteries of the smartphone. Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page.

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Advise another LEGO with a rare character, a reptile from the planet Tatooine and a warrior.