Glowing gloves

Bought as a gift these glow-miracle-gloves for my nephew 12 years old, because now with all the variety of toys and things for children is very difficult to surprise such grown-up children and make nice.

But gloves made an impression not only on children, but adults as well, but unfortunately or fortunately not suitable for an adult hand.

The order came on time, usually within 4 weeks was already in Moscow. Gloves cost me 13 $, maybe could wait for the discounts, but I didn’t have time. The packaging is not great and compact, ordered on Aliexpress here.

Was pleasantly surprised that the gloves were already with batteries, all four batteries, two for each glove, and in addition were spare.

The entire device is hidden inside the glove near the wrist. The gloves themselves are very pleasant to the touch, no pressure, not too tight, everything is quite comfortable and most importantly, they are not hot, because this is important.

Very easy to use, light touch on the wrist, begin to sparkle in different colors.

They have several light modes, which are switched by pressing further.

This is a very interesting and unusual gift that will appeal to everyone. By the way, Ali is not enough other cool stuff with LEDs inside, here is their page.

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The video is not mine, but the product is the same. Only this guy came without batteries, and my seller was with them:

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