Gloves for fitness and weightlifting the CrossFit brand

In the Chinese online store I bought gloves for fitness and weightlifting CrossFit model. Seller Outdoor Club. Here is a direct link on Aliexpress.

Goods for sports presented very well, prices are pleasantly surprised, the photos of products are always multiple, the size range is wide. Among a wide variety of gloves for fitness I opted for the model of CrossFit.

This model has the following advantages:

  • size range S, M,L, XL for each size palm width in inches. For myself, I chose size M, but please read reviews;
  • colors: completely black, black with red inserts and red stitching, black with blue inserts and blue stitching. I chose all black because they suit any sport costume and they can not see contaminants from metal equipment;
  • tape the latch on the wrist. It allows you to tightly secure the glove to the wrist of any girth;
  • comfortable and durable material, good elasticity, non-slip coating on the inside;
  • not bulky, but not thin;
  • the price is three times less in comparison with prices of conventional stores.

Purchase and delivery

At the time of purchase, the price was 394 ruble. Free shipping. Paid for the purchase of I by PayPal – I prefer that. But it was possible to pay by credit card.

Shipping to St. Petersburg took only 2 weeks. Tracked shipping all the way from the expectations send to my mailbox. Notification of change of status of the parcel came clearly.

Gloves left in the mailbox, as the packaging was compact.

Packaged very well, plastic envelope, inside the envelope of pupyrchatoy film, the gloves themselves were still in the same thin transparent plastic bag.

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Foreign chemical odors were absent, the bone is not sticking, the lines are all smooth. The size was perfect. Hands in them comfortably. To do conveniently.

When washing behave perfectly – machine washable at a temperature of 40 deg. along with his other stuff, but the pre-securing the Velcro (Velcro) so she didn’t cling. After washing is not deformed and the properties do not change.

Three months of use and regular washing did not affect neither the quality of the gloves, nor on their appearance.

In the future I plan to buy fitness accessories online-only store Aliexpress. The model of glove recommended. Store recommend. Again, here is the link.

I recommend smart wristband for fitness Greentiger Y5 and gloves swimming neoprene.