Glove for combing wool animals

Ten months ago there was a question about grooming my pet. The cat very faded, and all the appliances which were available in local pet stores, with the task failed completely.

I was advised at the vet the glove for combing and getting rid of animal hair. I found it only on Aliexpress here on this page. Much to our surprise, it costs quite inexpensive ($120 and free shipping). The order came a week after registration on the website.

It looks like this is a miracle rescue as a regular MITT . There is a possibility to adjust the density of the girth on the wrist with the Velcro strap. On the hand, is sitting tight, not abating. Outside is a sturdy fabric mesh. Internal – often equipped with rubber teeth.

The cat calmly reacted to the procedure combing his glove. The surface of teeth — elastic, but harmonious, not sharp. It also is the perfect massage for your pet. You just need to carry out pumping movements on the fur of a cat.

The procedure takes literally 5…7 minutes. Wool remains between rubber teeth. Removed gloves with wool elementary — one solid layer does not scatter.

The grooming glove is minimal. After sufficient combing wash with water. I use it about once a week. For almost a year of regular use, the mitten is preserved in almost original form – not torn, not stretched. Very happy with purchase.

Can still advise scratcher-comb for cats and toy Cats Meow for cats, which is becoming very popular all over the world!


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