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Like any coffee lover, breakdown of coffee equal to a small disaster. Even to Wake up in the morning is difficult, not to mention the normal work throughout the day. So, I immediately began looking for a new one.

Decided to buy it on the website Aliexpress as coffee makers geyser type, there much cheaper than usual, and in local online stores.

In addition, this product was a discount and opportunity to get goods from the Russian warehouse. Bought a coffee pot here with a volume of 300 ml., is designed for six small cups, as I live alone, and my guests are extremely rare. The cost was $ 14.90 $

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Shipping turned free, and even before the door of the apartment. Ordered December 20, 2016, and two days later, I’ve handed over the courier.

The box was all crumpled, but the coffee is intact, no scratches or dents, therefore, the dispute open, he did not. I read the reviews on Aliexpress, it seems all comes with mint box. Perhaps they have already in stock they are.

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The material of coffee maker – stainless steel. No defects, such as warp threads, or sharp Burr were found. Easy spins, and twists, and it is not leaking, than «suffered» its predecessor.

If you fill the pot almost to the brim, enough for a coffee Cup with a volume of 250-280 ml., or a few small, but small as most Russians, I don’t drink.

There is one point on which I want to draw attention, unfortunately, not all the water poured into the lower container, rises upwards. I guess that it happens from lack of pressure, so when razvenchivaet coffee to wash it, the water remains at the bottom.

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For me it is not critical, but for those who are going to brew coffee for a large company, it is better to take coffee more volume — 450 ml. you Can take the same model, just more of it — there are several of them.

Coffee on average, preparing for ten minutes.


After a month of useto See a picture of the product and the price on Aliexpress >>

First review from me:

I use it more than a month. Satisfied with your purchase, although you was take and larger. Minus the coffee maker one – its upper part where the pressure comes coffee, inconvenient to wash, as it is quite narrow and curved.

And here’s the reviews: