Genuine Brazilian hair on tressa

Hello all fans of products with Aliexpress!

Thinking about hair extensions, I started a few days later after a short haircut. Here we are, girls are fickle.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Length, quality, and on the cuticles
  3. Clips
  4. Conclusion

Where to buy

I have reviewed many proposals in our region, but it was too expensive. After all, it is not the fact that this is the build I like. So my choice fell on the trading floor Aliekspress.

I immediately knew that I wanted a hair barrette. Mostly on the pins (they are clips) sold artificial terminology. Not an option – I thought, and continued the search.

Stumbled on a section that sells natural hair tressa.

Hair pieces – this hair is collected and sewn together on a fabric basis. As specified by the sellers of such tress: double machine weave. Mostly this kind of extensions use African-American, in Russia, this building (Hollywood) is scarce.

Options hair on tressa variety: for every taste and wallet size. I decided to choose an inexpensive option, afraid to get a «pig in a poke.»

That’s what I chose — link to Ali.

Length, quality, and on the cuticles

Nafun the seller describes this hair as 100% human Brazilian cuticle with a mixed (i.e., not Remy). Sold by the bunch. One bundle weighs about 100 grams is the weight of the hair and hair bases. If you put one beam, the length of approximately 100 cm.

The length I chose 18 inches is about 46 cm having Read reviews, I immediately realized that you have to trim your hair at least 7 cm immediately Ordered 2 bunches. The purchase cost me 2250 rubles (December 2018).

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The seller sent the hair in for three days after payment. Shipping is free and only service AliExpress Standard Shipping. In Taganrog the parcel came quickly – in 18 days, and were tracked all the way of his investigation.

Opened the package: inside there is a tuft of hair in individual packages and gift (1 PC curler). The hair had a slight smell of perfume, soft to the touch, pleasant.

In the light it became clear that a lot of white hair, which was painted in a dark color, but it is bad. They were still much lighter than rest of hair. The tuft of hair looks thick. But really – the tips of the «empty» thick only half the length of the hair. I was even upset. But for the price, in principle, should not have to hope for a miracle.


I cut the hair pieces I needed along the length of the segments in order to sew the clips. It was possible, by the way, just buy a ready-made wig hair barrette.

Decided to sew the hair in 2 rows. Came out a little more than 1 bunch. Tried it on and looks awful, the hair is too rare. I had to sew another row of hair. Again tried it on and what you need!

In the process of sewing pins noticed that among the natural hair fall artificial dark hair. They look like a dark wavy line. In General amount of hair they are not visible, but the fact of their presence I was very upset.

Went to the hairdresser, together with the master decided to cut the ends of 5 cm came Out very naturally. By the way, the master didn’t even notice the artificial hair tressa.

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Use these hair for three months, but not every day. The hair on the back of his head slightly confused, but everything is solved with a comb. Hair shines and stays as soft as in the beginning of use.

The extent of pollution styling products, wash them with your regular shampoo. In the end, be sure to apply a hair mask and leave it on tressa for an hour or two. After drying, the hair is wavy and fluffy. I treat them with a spray with thermal protection and even with the help of Ironing. Put the temperature of 220 °C.

Wear these hair pieces I will continue, but the purchase is not recommend. It is better to see this option or in braids kanekalon, which will not have to braid.