Genailish — UV lamp

All lovers of beautiful and high quality manicure good day! I’d like to tell you about a very popular hybrid lamp Genailish or «crystal» power 36W ordered from aliexpress. I ordered it in January 2017 for 1500 rubles, and a month later she was mine.


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I immediately said, looking at her compact, then there is something around 15×15 inches; weighs only 400 grams; the plastic housing seems quite flimsy; has a removable bottom, that will be very convenient for a pedicure; if you shake it, you can hear that bolt it twisted not too tightly.

Front view. Images can be enlarged

On the rear panel are three buttons: 10, 30, and 60 seconds of lamp operation, that is mode no infinity.

The same firm Genailish releases and various nail polishes. However, most likely lucky is their main product and UV lamp for drying accompanying.


Actively using her for a little over two months, I can say that it brings me only happiness and joy, because any gel Polish, base and top any dry in 30 seconds, but I still for the reliability of the land all at the minute. Problems can occur only under the condition that the gel Polish strong pigmentation that happens with black and white. In this case, it is possible to dry two minutes for reliability. I really didn’t expect so small and like a toy is such a powerful lamp (36 Watt is more than enough)! Especially for such a low price. And still not faded, no ice-light and UV-a spiral from the top continues to function normally.

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The timer work. Endless no.


And still some cons it is, but it is not the quality of their work, and the usability and aesthetic aspects.

First, its bottom side where you put the hand, very easily scratched.

Front view

Second, it sags under the weight of his hands, with the result that between the housing and the bottom there is a gap. Over time, the bottom is deformed, and the lamp light is directed not only forward from the inside, but also around line clearance. Here the problem is that the best way to clean up your work materials, which can freeze. And finally, she is terribly bright. If the lamp is at a certain distance, you literally hurt to look at her.


Still, the disadvantages of bulb I believe small, so definitely recommend it! Good and fast dry, comfortable, mobile and, of course, the price can not but rejoice. That’s it!

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Below you can see a video review with explanations, in order to determine exactly, you need the lamp or not: