Gas lighter with Aliexpress — comparison Jobon and Aomai

Hello! We will focus on the comparison of two gas lighters ordered from Alliexpress from this page.

The first gas blowtorch brand «Jobon» (price 13$), the second «Aomai» (price 9$). Ordered in early January 2019.

Lighter «Jobon» delivered in a month as a courier in the city of Kurgan, and «Aomai» was taken from the post office in late March. Both products were Packed in bubble packs and a tight gift box.

Inside, the box is covered with velvet, has a recess, the shape of the lighter. «Jobon» and «Aomai» is made of alloy metals. First — in silver color; weight, 270 grams; length — 11.5 cm; width 6.7 cm; thickness — 3 cm. Has 4 engine, a good ignition, but heats up quickly in the bottom of the hull.

Flame temperature 1300. The seller put in the gift holder. The lighter Looks good and minimalistic. Second in Golden color; weight 190 g; length — 6.5 cm; width 4.5 cm; thickness — 1.2 cm; Equipped with a powerful turbo nozzle.

Fits in pocket, made in the shape of a gun. Lighters did not come seasoned. I have the adjustment wheel for the flame. Comfortable fit in the hand.

Perfectly fulfilling the function of a burner for a fire in nature (even in a strong wind), quickly and efficiently burn burner cigars and hookahs. Suitable for minor repairs and solder.

Again, bought on Aliexpress here. I can also recommend electronic cigarette lighter USB rechargeable and steel Imco.

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