Gaming mouse Razer Chroma Deathadder 3500 Elite

My honest review on professional gaming mouse Razer DeathAdder 3500 bought on Aliexpress here.

Not so long ago became a question about buying a computer mouse for the PC, because the old has lost weight. Over I would have been happy and wanted it exactly the same mouse, but they no longer produce.

But the choice was not long in coming, and fell to gaming mouse Razer Chroma Deathadder 3500 Elite at attractive price is 23$ on Aliexpress. The seller sent 3 days later, as I made out the order before the weekend.

The mouse arrived in Belarus for 23 days by regular mail with free shipping, which is quite nice. The package came in a small cardboard box which was slightly dented, but the contents of the parcel not affected, everything was safe and sound.

The original and the replica

Oddly enough, but still the differences of the original is.

First, in the original DeathAdder has no side buttons, and the second side surface glossy, slightly, but still interferes with work and play, respectively, for periodically fingers slip on the mouse, she slips out and no good grip. In this part the differences and come to an end.

Although it is not the original, but everything was done very gracefully, and the registration on the official website and in the synapse (synapse – software, configuration, and programming macros on the mouse button) on the ID passed flawlessly.

On the website without any problems and established, and warranty. Clicks are very nice and soft, the fingers do not get tired, but even this felt a good response.

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Legs DeathAdder and conclusion

Rubber feet glued DeathAdder, tidy and textile Mat slide perfectly. Cable with standard USB connector is in the braid, which reduces the chance of wear and tear and increases the service and protects it.

The Razer Deathadder Chroma Elite has a nice blue glow that adds beauty, especially in a dark room and a bright glow from below, as in the old laser mice. 3500 dpi helps to easily control the movement of the pointer.

To get used to the mouse was not difficult, a few days of intensive use and hands get used to it. Very happy with purchase. Once again, I bought the mouse on Aliexpress here on this page. I also recommend a cheap gaming headphone Salar KX101 and article, how to build a cheap but powerful gaming computer on the XEON processor.